colorful vintage

color .. I love the colors as I love words. color and the word for me is harmony. the color is beautiful, and I always wanted my life colorful. words that rhythm, I always want to beat it played in my life. the color is diverse, and I love them very much. colorful! yayy! color was never bored, never saturate. they are very beautiful for me.

my friend: I like, really beautiful, full color. my camera is happy to save it and captr..

me: I like them more than you

[queen vintage skirt, unbranded shirt,queen belt, queen dress, handmade shoes]



my friend said to me, “you are elegantly clad in clothes that looked beautiful. Simple, but stunning. cute to look at. blend of classical dress”.
thanks friend, I loved it–

[Queen vintage skirt, unbranded kebaya up, handmade shoes]

everything you wear is awesome ***