. Holiday | Bali Island ♥ .

Yeah, for spend my holiday i went to Bali Island 😀
for some reason, i think i’d love to go there . There are so beautiful island .

immediately, i called my bestfriend there. Yeay !
me : Hi F ! i think i wanna go there tomorrow, could you help me to book a room for me right beside Kuta Beach and also strategic ?

F : Of course !

me : maybe you can book at Poppies Lane 2 ?

F : i’ll try . Take it easy, i’ll set for you 😉

me : Thank you so much my best .

Yeayy , finally i stay at Dua Dara Inn .

I like that place because the price and facilities are good.

Dua Dara Inn  | Located at Poppies Lane 2, Kuta-Bali

You have to know, Dua Dara Inn doesn’t accept reservation by phone or email. You need luck to have a room there.

There are my pictures that i could capture , look at 😀

when i played parasailing at Tanjung benoa beach

Kuta Beach

i’d lunch at McD , Kuta

Tanah Lot and i 🙂

Thats all of my little story when i spent my holiday in Bali . I’ll Plane my next trip for my next holiday 😀


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