chocolate caramel ♥

        hmm, and this morning I enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee with caramel flavor.
When I was stirring, and I saw that soft colors.

“Chocolate caramel”.

I immediately flashed to pour that’s color on my dress . yeah soft and smooth … Unloading my clothes cupboard and I found it! 🙂

yayynes, caramel in my dress will ready ♥ *smooch

I grab my delicious caramel coffee . I breathe and drink. Hm, this aroma is very tempting.

        While i drinked it, I looked out the window that morning. I saw a beautiful woman with her veil. owh really, and why didn’t I try to use the veil?  This gorgeous i thinked ^^
I just want to try to combine the softness of the caramel with my dress and veil 🙂

yeah this is it : tarrraaa !! ♥ *wink

yeah i love this color , feelin calm

queen fashion top and long skirt , unbranded set veil , up shoes , menikka necklace, thyo pernik rose ring


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