♥ : its called “love”

Love comes without knocking, without saying hello and no strings attached. Love also came without us going. Love to come and go as they pleased. Love to the hearts of the elect.
Love it smooth and soft, love is sincerity. We cant see and touch it. But, the presence of love can we feel very strongly. Love is something great in our hearts. The greatness of love is that everyone must have known that, even though they never know what is love.
Love can make your heart beat very fast.Love makes us feel to be the happiest people. Love can make us laugh like crazy. Love can make us flying very high with that’s wings. In fact, love can also kill us, makes us feel the tremendous pain untold. Love hurt us without any real harm, but it gives the former a very profound.
That’s “Love”, abstract, beautiful, and full of surprises. Love is a mystery that everyone never know and what surprises will love brought to us?
Keep that presence, felt that sincerity, and never lies it. So, you’ll know what is love , and my perfection  love’s  just for Allah 🙂

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