this part of him ♥

the first time we meet and I looked at you indifferent. you  smiled with  your face cool *

Someone ever said to me : “you’re just an ordinary girl, not beauty but sweet, a girl without makeup, and even very plain. But, you’re so special. You’ve something interesting that not all woman’s have : you’re smart, you’re cheerful, you’re kind, and you’re so special for me with yourselves”


when we sat together at that afternoon. I was ashamed to looked at you while you were down at me sharply. gently rubbed my head and smile

and he said to me : “you’re not a perfect woman that i was looking for, even there’s no perfection in you. But, you’re an amazing woman who i always craved” ♥


when I closed for a long time, and when I just lay there and you’re always beside me

when i only saw a white space, empty and luminous room. I heard his voice. He said to me. “come back darling, hear me, hear my voice, call the name of God, Allah will lead you. You’re my lovely little girl, you’re my heart lamp. You’re my love who God included me. I’m here with you always”.

I opened my eyes and he looked at me with love


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