happy birthday Cuin :*

happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to you …

this is your day . the happy day’s for u . i hope im the last sayin it to u as ever u did cause u wanna be the last for me . happy birthday Hamdan Shur’tugal .. Allah always bless u. i wanna meet u soon 🙂

really too much, being busy with UTS, busy looking for work up until I forget about this important day. important day in his life. whereas, today I’ve prepared well in advance but due to my busy and I end up forgetting.


happy birthday yes dear, I hope in this life that you have increasingly moved, you become more and more mature in the face of any kind. and in force and attitude. it is better to change the bad habits you’ve always done. I’m always waiting here, waiting for you and all perubahanmu a lot better. always take care and god bless you


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMDAN ANANDA JEN ….                               4 – 11 – 2011


this picture, this cake, for us and I love this for you as a replacement: D
hopefully cure longing from afar: D

narcissistic  face of you

my frog and this 17’s cake from you

you and me with our silly face 😀

my face when I wake up with hair disheveled receive my birthday cakes from you and this evening I presented to you, too

allowed little narcissistic yes ^^


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