M.O.M is ospek yayness :D

woah,, that’s so long guys . and my fingers impatiently to type anything word on keyboard 😀

yeah , after i spend my holiday at jogja, i had to deal with MOM . you know that? MOM is Masa Orientasi Mahasiswa . the orientation of my new college..

okay let me tell about my MOM yesterday 😀 :

everything is so fun, thrilling, confusing, and exhausting. but, all of them gave me much of an impression. not only me, but also all of my friends. we felt very happy, solidarity formed in a team and  kinship were also  memories never forgotten it in 5 days ago . These are the memories recorded in my MOM. yes, first I introduce, my group is group 5. that given a group designation DIPONEGORO . and my companion class are : kak indra, kak valent and kak syahru.

painted trash cans at Tia’s home

action before doin sport

imitating the style of a horse statue. hey, what i look ? haha

hey, what we look ? haha

and action 🙂

why so serious?

attention 😀

this is our , the winner . iam as the winner of the best costume and my friend  Dira as the winner of environmental ambassadors.

so funny wear 😀


This is a part of the recorded memories. there are many more and then another time I’ll upload it again. wait okayy 😀
ill update them soon *smooch


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