magnum road cafe

    After successed at Bandung, now Magnum Road Cafe 2011 glidin’ to Surabaya. yippy. For now, Magnum Road Cafe will circulate in two cities, Bandung (11-16 July) and Surabaya (18-23). Both cities were chosen because of consumer demand Magnum most in the city, especially in Bandung. Car used in the form of vans, and car that used only one to be used in both cities.

     In one day, the Cafe will be located in two places with the opening hours from 10 am to 8 pm. Cafe in the form of cars and umbrella tables were only able to accommodate approximately 40 people.

    For Saturday, which is the last day road show, Magnum Road Cafe held a special event “big band” featuring singer Sandy Sundoro, Ello, D ‘Cinnamons and Andien. precisely for  Surabaya city, last Saturday the 23rd-July-2011 🙂

   On that day visitors enlarged capacity of up to 3000-4000 people. Magnum Road Cafe also presents a special dish and Magnum Magnum Signature Dipping only on that day. On a weekday menu provided only Magnum ice cream and foods that will be different according Meila in each city.

wuaah, we ate more ice cream yesterday ya!! 😀

with a menu of ice cream that is made more attractive and many variants, you can enjoy them while enjoying the music rebound. yuhuuuI skip the long queues patiently for magnum .. :*

hmmm,,, happy sutarday 😀


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