charity for child

         A garage sale event as well as charity events, which will be held on 9 to 10 July 2011 at Elbow cafe by  kaskuser regional surabaya.  this raiser be our invent at the first time .
         Parade of Bands is a series of core events of the charity for child. Band is a testament to the contribution of Surabaya in concern for the orphanage children who are less fortunate. Band parade will be held from late afternoon until the evening

       The event was enlivened by the bands below:

1. November Romeo
2. Poliritmik
3. Last From My Fear
5. Boeink Bomb 031
6. Crush Crush Crush
7. Mickey Fickey
8. Coming from behind
10. Boys N Roots
11. Sugar stone
12. D’dongkraxz
13. Fluth
14. Kopi manis (perkusi etnik)
and many more…………

This souvenir of our events … tarraaaaaa 



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