lost and dreams.

that life must continue to flow up and running. dream is still long ahead, still must be embodied. and my dream is still too long and wanted me realize


          I was like trapped in a single page in the book. whether, how difficult I was to turn the page. thousands of words, thousands of colors I scratched it. I’ve tried to find loopholes to write a word, but even for a single alphabet was not there.

         I dont understand, who knows what makes it hard to move from that page. I filled pages that have been said, stories and verses of poetry in it. joy and sorrow, all the stories that I scratched on the page. I’m stuck on the last page.

         I want to close it, replace it with a new yard. I still want to write a story, still want to describe all the colors. still saved millions of words I want to capture. somehow, why was it so difficult. but I know I dont want to stop recounts, said to me was the air, the story for me is an unforgettable memory. I always wanted to record it. I still have to close the last pages in it and replace it with new sheets.

       I want to disappear from the sheet, a moment for a decision that happened. a dream about a story that I never knew and the stories that will someday How can I write on my new sheets. all of that mystery which no one knows, not even me. I wanted to disappear and everyone forget me, then I came back with all the stories in my life. stories that made ​​me excited to write it on my new sheets. It has continued to live, the dream is still far away. all my heart and my mind is still there. dreams, I always dreamed of. but for now I want to disappear to create a dream.

I left with a dream that someday I’ll realize. me and my old sheets. mystery and my new sheets..


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