as my birthday present to 18 th YO, I got a rabbit from my brother. funny bunny that I want to .. actually I have a pair, but which one accidentally was still in the breeder as young as 2 months.

and this is my male rabbit. Poppo name. Poppo type lion, dense fur like a lion about the same as angora rabbit. but the difference in the hair on the ear, lion on the ears is not overgrown with dense fur like angora.

I prefer this type because it is rare. I first saw it, I’d fall in love, poppo very funny, lively and friendly. feather hair on the body poppo dominant white, just a little on the patterned parts of his body cream. very funny

he is poppo. he accompanied me at home. every time I come home from work, he always asked for the carrying, standing at the door of his cage as if asking out, and after I go, he jumped up and ran towards me. in very funny for me.
he’s a good friend. surely you all had a good friend like poppo, I mean, friends of animals.. 🙂


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